Stainless Steel Solid Core Ignition Cable

A premium marine ignition cable designed to deliver Superior Combustion Performance. Full voltage delivery from coil to plug allows for a cleaner fuel burn that relates to better GPH (Gallons per Hour), longer cruise range, along with increased horsepower and torque.

SolidCore SS is just what the name implies: Solid cable without built in resistance made possible by our Patented RFI/EFI Hybrid Protection Ring. Complete carbon free construction eliminating progressive breakdown normally related to the common carbon impregnation wires. All cylinders receiving equal voltage achieve better balance. All encased in EPDM Insulation and 500˚ 100% Silicone Jacket.

Our Silicone Boots and Stainless Steel Snap Lock Terminals make for a secure connection that resists corrosion. Designed for recreation, commercial, and
competition applications.

  • Hp & Torque Increased
  • GPH & Cruise Range Improved
  • Stainless Steel Solid Core
  • Stainless Steel Snap-Lock Terminals
  • Engine Balance Improved
  • Superior Durability
  • Commercial Grade
  • Cleaner Fuel Burn
  • Environmentally Positive
  • Non Deteriorating Core
  • Hole Shot Improved
  • Stronger Top End
  • Aids In Stabilizing Cruise Speeds
  • Reduced interference with electronics and sound systems
  • Competition & Commercial Applications
  • Patented RFI/EFI Hybrid Protection Ring

We start with Stainless Steel Solid Core Cable for high tensile strength. Wrapped by Silver Plated Copper for greater conductivity followed by EPDM Insulation for even more added core protection. Next is a Fiberglass Braid Wrap to increase cable strength and superior terminal attachment. A 500˚ jacket made of 100% Silicone encases the cable to protect against heat and petroleum products. Our cables finally completed with Stainless Steel Snap-Lock end
terminals for a secure corrosion free connection.